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Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 9:34AM

Tim Ellis is a comedian, actor, writer, singer-songwriter, and, arguably, one of the most important and best-loved figures of his time. A veritable renaissance man, he has made contributions to entertainment, classic literature, modern dance, postmodern theory, and the culinary arts. Ellis is the author of nearly 10 plays, less than 50 books, and innumerable volumes of works-in-progress, as well as scores of projected works. His stand-up performances could be called “edgy yet stylish.” Critic(s) raved about Ellis’s one-man show An Inquiry into Human Understanding, unanimously hailing it as a work of the 21st century. He has appeared widely in the media on all manner of devices, and his groundbreaking videos are available on the World Wide Web for billions of viewers to download. He has also been seen on television more than once. Tim Ellis has touched countless people in indescribable ways, and the weight of his legacy is yet to be felt by future generations.

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