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Rejected AC/DC Titles

For Those Thinking About Rocking

For Those Who’ve Rocked

For Those Currently in the Midst of Rocking

For Those Having Rocked Previously

For Those if They Were Rocking

For Those Who’ve Considered Rocking but Lack the Technical Skill and/or Passion

For Those Under a Rock

For Those Rocks

What Are Those Rocks For/About?

For Those About to Rock (We Respect You)


New Project: Updating Classic Song Lyrics

The problem with classic rock is all the outdated tech references to things like records, jukeboxes, phones that people actually answer, etc. I’ve embarked on a project to change that. For instance, this makes much more sense to a modern audience…

♫ "I love rock 'n' roll! Put a Pandora station on the wi-fi, baby!" ♫ 

And here’s one by Bob Seger...

♫ "Just download some old mp3s
iTunes or amazon, don’t matter to me
You can even do it illegally
I like those old time mp3s

Don’t try to get me on Spotify
I wouldn’t even give it a free try
I want my music stored locally
Still like those old time mp3s" ♫

You're welcome. So many more songs to go...


Yo, I'm in the NY Funny Song Fest!

As part of the 3rd Annual NY Funny Song Fest, produced by the amazing Jessica Delfino, I'll be co-hosting and performing in Hooklyn: Funny Songs from & about Brooklyn on Sat, May 31, 8:30 pm at People's Republic of Brooklyn (247 Smith St). GET TIX ($10)! ($12 at the door)

I'll also be on the bill at 50 Funny Songs on Fri, May 30, 7 pm at Botanic Lab (86 Orchard St, NYC) -- an exciting and sure to be sold-out night of the fest. GET TIX ($10)! ($12 at the door)

Don't miss NYC'S only comedy, parody, and novelty music festival! 

Here I am, pimpin' it at the Fest last year...


SONG: Casual Pimpin'








Casual Pimpin' by timelliscomedy (PLAY SONG)

Written & performed by Tim Ellis (a.k.a. Timmy E.)
Produced by DJ Ben Radar, in association with Vanity Project Records

Lead vocal stylings: Timmy E.
Beats: DJ Ben Radar & Jam Pack 3 (in collaboration with Timmy E.)
Out-of-tune guitar: some guy
Almost-in-rhythm Synth Bass: Yamaha PSR-270 (turned on by Timmy E.)
Pimp chorus: Tim Ellis, Timmy Ellis, Timothy Ellis, Tim J. Ellis, & Timothy John Ellis
Extraneous shouting: Timmy E. & DJ Ben Radar
Photos: Meeshmonster
Wardrobe: Gap, Old Navy, & JCP


SONG: If I Were a Flower

If I Were a Flower (Demo) by timelliscomedy

Tim Ellis (vocals) & Matt Park (vocals, guitar). Written by Tim Ellis.


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