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Official Jeb Bush T-Shirts Are Out!


Communist Valentines

Want to express your love in a way that's true to your Marxist politics? (These and other "Communist Valentines" were read aloud by Mo Fathelbab, Chrissie Mayr, and me at the Feb. 11 Manifesto! - a show I co-host at the People's Republic of Brooklyn.) Viva revolución of love!

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A Talk with Staten Island Chuck

I didn't create this image - thanks to whoever did!This Groundhog Day, Staten Island Chuck once again proved hard to handle for a New York mayor. I caught up with the radical rodent for his frankest interview to date.

Did de Blasio drop you, or did you jump?

Ha! Let’s just say I wriggled.

Was that a political statement?

What do you think? I bit Bloomberg to show my support for the 99%. If you include rodents, the percentage is actually much higher. So, De Blasio got elected as a progressive, but he doesn’t get a free pass. If you want me to interpret my own symbolism, the point was: don’t drop the ball. I’m the ball in that metaphor.

Have you always been a political animal?

Not really. I just do what comes naturally. Look, February 2nd arrives, and I’ve been hibernating. These guys show up with TV cameras, and I’m like, "Hey, it’s not a good time! Do you realize I’ve been living off my own urine for months? I need to eat!" So I just go with my gut, I improvise. The political justification comes later. If you read a lot of Marx and Foucault, you sort of see, "Yeah, that’s why I did that."

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Slutbags Flying Off the Shelves!

Thanks to Anthony Weiner's spokeswoman, there's been a huge uptick in sales of these:


POLL: Who's Your Favorite Duo?

Updated on Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 1:03PM by Registered CommenterTim

Please select only one:

A. Laurel and Hardy

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Voter Suppression T-Shirts NEW!

EDITOR'S NOTE: These T-shirts did not work. Barack Obama was reelected as president on 11/6/12. TE

Want to look cool while preventing democracy and helping to elect Romney? Try one of these stylish t-shirts!


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